USGA Reopening Protocol – Phase 1 – Red

You must let us know if anyone in your household shows any symptoms of COVID-19

Everything about COVID-19, it’s spread, governmental guidelines, social responses, the needs of our families, and the financial environment have been in constant flux. Our plan and procedures for how we address all of these things must be adaptable, purposeful, based in science, according to the regulations put forth by state and federal governments, and effective. In order to be all of those things we cannot be afraid to constantly evaluate our policies and procedures, seek out new and sound information, and adjust our responses accordingly. The USGA will alter any and or all of our policies as needed to fulfill these goals.

Governor’s office presentation on Phases for Reopening Oregon from May 7th, 2020

Entering the Gym

  • Drop Off/Pick Up required at this time: Face coverings are strongly encouraged to be worn by adults if entering the building for any reason.  The Parent Viewing Area will be closed during Phase 1 – Red

  • A touchless temperature check will be taken of all people entering the building; anyone who appears ill or who have a temp over 99.5 will be sent home.  Each person entering the gym will sign in and sign out.

  • Everyone will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering gym. Athletes will also be required to sanatize again prior to beginning, between events and upon leaving.

  • Everyone will use the main door entrance to the building to control traffic flow.  The Parent Viewing Area is currently closed. Exit will be through the large garage door when the groups practice is over.

Physical Distancing During Practice

  • Occupancy will be limited and monitored to comply with OHA guidelines, 250 sq ft minimum will used in the calculations of
    allowed occupancy at this time. Six ft minimum distance between students.

  • Athletes will be assigned to practice slots with the same athletes each day to limit the circle of people everyone is around.

  • Gymnasts will be directed and required to follow the marked guidelines throughout the gym to keep appropriate distancing.

  • There will be no Birthday Parties or Open Gym at this time.

New Policies and Procedures for Gymnasts and Employee’s

  • All Staff members and gymnasts must agree to adhere to a 24 hour wellness standard.

  • Illness policy: including temperature checks (above 99.5 degrees), any cough or cold immediately sent home.

  • Wash/sanitize hands on arrival, at regular intervals between groups and group events and upon leaving.

  • Staff will have limited direct physical contact with children (No spotting at this time)

  • Staff will be diligently trained on procedures and prepared to enforce any distancing protocols, 6 foot minimum

  • Staff will adhere to PPE requirements as set by the Oregon Health Authority. Currently staff will be wearing face coverings.

  • Travel will be monitored and isolation following travel will adhere to OHA recommendations.

  • Before returning to the gym, all families will have to re-sign the online registration form and waiver with items related to COVID-19

Facility Preparation and Policies

  • Nightly disinfection with our fogger and hospital grade, COVID-19 approved disinfectant.

  • Staff will disinfect and sanitize the facility before and after each group attending.

  • Only hospital grade cleaning products that are effective against Covid-19 will be used throughout each day.

  • Doors that can be propped open will be, i.e. bathroom doors. Door handles will be wiped and cleaned after each group.

  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be available throughout the gym, accessible before and after events and monitored for refill.

  • Drinking fountains will be closed, gymnasts must bring their own water bottles.

  • Cubbies and locker areas will be out of use.

Practice Policies and Procedures

  • Gymnasts should come dressed and ready for practice.

  • Please have your gymnast use the restroom at home immediately before leaving for the gym.

  • Gymnasts must have their own backpack or drawstring bag to carry with them during practices – coaches will review with their
    teams as far what to include. Face coverings to be stored separately in a clean paper bag, with gymnasts name, if they are wearing upon arrival and leaving .

  • Gymnasts will be supervised as they sanitize/wash hands as required. We will remind athletes of hand-washing duties when appropriate, between each event.

  • Lesson plans will be modified to omit partner activities.

  • Lesson plans will be modified to limit use of props.

  • Stations and activities will be modified to allow safe distance between athletes.

  • Porous surfaces in the gym such as the pits will be temporarily taken out of use until we have a way to sanitize.

  • Chalk bowls will be closed. Each gymnast will keep chalk in their own (brought from home) personal plastic container.  Chalk bags have been ordered.

After Class

  • Everyone will use the designated exit, the large garage door, for their group to control traffic flow.

  • Employees will begin disinfecting/sanitizing all areas immediately to get ready for next group.

  • All coaching and registration communications will be digital at this time.